Are you in the phase of defining goals and priorities and see an opportunity to strengthen team spirit and connection among team members? 
Are you aware on how you are doing right now and your energy levels for what's coming next? 
In our more than 20 years of experience we’ve proven again and again that with a small investment, organizations are able to revitalize and build the foundations to enhance success of their leadership team. 
This OFFSITE with Axialent and surrounded by nature serves to: 
Reconnect with yourself and the team. 
Pause and reflect on what you have learned
Celebrate achievements. 
Reconnect with purpose. 
Work on team motivation and development
Welcome the upcoming year and say farewell to the one that is ending. 
Prepare your leadership team for success in 2023! 
It’s a 2 and a half days event and this agenda is an example of what it would be (we'll design it together): 
Opening and welcome from the host
Check-in Session
Outdoor activity to "Break the ice"
Pulse Check (I-WE-IT)
Diving into the depths of the Mindsets
Check-in Session
Outdoor team activity
Learnings and Achievements
of the year
2023 Purpose and Vision
Check-in Session
Outdoor team activity
Operational Agreements
Next steps
Extended Check-out