A company is a network of conversations, but in general... 

We can't hear what the other person needs. 
We can't express what we need. 
We make assumptions about what the other person is thinking. 

How can we close this gap and learn new skills at scale?

Transform the quality of the conversations that determine the success of your business.
We have developed a program that combines the best of many formats: 
10X faster and more efficient process (Cohorts of 100 to 200 people in 4 weeks). 
Optimal in terms of investment of resources and time (15hs per person approx.)
High impact. ​​​​​​
Low operational workload.
It has a low cost compared to other processes of this type. 
What will participants learn
Use conversations to achieve improvement of results, strengthening of relationships, and better expression of values. 
Understand distinctions and critical tools to manage difficult conversations. 
Connect learnings with your personal and professional challenges. 
Promote the development of a culture of authentic communication, honesty and respect. 
The authentic communication program is digital (hybrid).