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Optimal Me Webinar


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 2021 11am ET | 1pm Buenos Aires | 5pm CET


Focusing on well-being is more important now than it has ever been, with high levels of burnout and stress plaguing the business world. At the same time, efforts to make positive habit changes are often unsuccessful, leaving us frustrated with our inability to change. In comes Optimal Me, the program that combines the most recent discoveries in behavioral science with innovation methodologies, and applies them to physical health, the mind, and emotions. Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more about Optimal Me!


In this webinar, you will: 
  • Learn how well-being is linked to better employee performance and results.
  • Reflect on the different challenges you and your people experience when trying to implement positive changes in your lives.
  • Learn about an approach to help overcome these challenges, found at the intersection of Growth Mindset and innovation.

Oseas Ramírez



Oseas Ramírez is a former CIO, family counselor, entrepreneur, corporate innovation expert, and advisor to Fortune 100 firms. He has a passion for applying behavioral science and innovation methodologies to increase physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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